School Profile

Asian Intercultural School Bali is the most prestigious addition to the Taman Mahatma Group of institutions in Indonesia. The school offers world-class education with a particular emphasis on fundamental human values. Established under the aegis of Ahimsa International Foundation in 2007, the school acts as a mouthpiece to disseminate its ideology primarily wrought by the Gandhian principles of truth, humanity, peace, and prosperity.

The school has a full-fledged academic programme having all levels from primary to senior secondary, facilitating a sustained and holistic academic life. The school offers Cambridge International Curriculum at the primary and secondary levels, enabling the students to take international examinations and obtain internationally recognised certificates.

Asian Intercultural School Bali admits children of all nationalities and cultures and fosters a genuinely multicultural environment. It is entirely secular in its outlook, and it respects the religious, ethnic, and cultural identities of its community members.

Vision Mission

Asian Intercultural School Bali aims to create a community of knowledgeable, self-reliant, conscientious and caring individuals who, by the content of their character and the superiority of judgment, would lead the world.

We believe that there is genius in every child and that it is the task of the educators to draw it out and enable the student to discover the genius within. Hence, the school follows a multidisciplinary approach that will prepare the students to specialize in their area of interest. The school follows an international curriculum with English as the medium of instruction. It has a rigorous approach to academic work, which we believe will equip them for an emerging global community.

We aim to enable the student to appreciate diversity – of cultures, languages, beliefs, ethnicities etc., that informs a global outlook. The school fosters a multicultural environment where students of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds grow up through collective learning.

The school emphasizes values and critical thinking as they enable the children to find their bearings when knowledge remains de-centred, and a diversity of voices surrounds children.

Cambridge Pathway

There are four stages of the Cambridge Pathway Program. They are Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced. The photo attached below is a short explanation about each stage. This program is suitable for 15 to 19-year-old students.

Ahimsa International Foundation

Asian Intercultural School Bali, established in 2007, under the aegis of Yayasan Ahimsa International, a foundation dedicated to propagating the Gandhian philosophy of Ahimsa. The word ‘ahimsa’, literally means non-violence. However, the term has broader implications since it denounces all forms of violence and embraces values such as peace, independence, and self-reliance. The term in a spiritual nuance suggests a way of life that is sustainable and green.

The Ahimsa International Foundation is dedicated to the dissemination of the philosophy of Ahimsa. The Foundation constantly endeavours to reach out to the public through its consciousness-raising programmes, besides lending a helping hand to the less fortunate people among us through its various charitable activities. Some of the projects undertaken by the Foundation in the last two years include:

  • Adopting schools in the impoverished regions of Bali.
  • Sponsoring the education of poor children.
  • Sponsoring the education of orphans.
  • Offering medical help to the needy.
  • Organising public awareness programmes.

School's Philosophy

Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama (SPK) School

Since 14th December 2014, the Ministry of Education converts all schools in Indonesia labelled ‘international’ into SPK. SPK or Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama is organised based on Indonesian Education Institutes and accredited Foreign Education Institutes and is for non-formal and formal education, starting from Playgroup, Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary School.

Asian Intercultural School Bali, as an Indonesian Education Institution, has partnered with Cambridge International Education.  AISB, which has obtained SPK status, must include three local subjects: Religious Education, Indonesian Culture and Language Studies, and Citizenship Education. Religious Education and Citizenship Education is given to Indonesian citizens, while Indonesian Culture and Languages Studies are to international students.