Cambridge Primary

Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP)

Asian Intercultural School Bali is one of the few schools in Bali that offers an internationally benchmarked primary programme such as CIPP. The programme is designed for 5 to 11-year-olds and provides an excellent foundation for secondary education. The Cambridge International Primary Programme lays its emphasis on core subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science.

Cambridge International Primary Programme follows a well-structured curriculum framework that has been designed specifically for teachers and students in the international context. It covers the first year of primary teaching when students are approximately six years old (Stage 1) to the final year of primary when students are about 12 years old (Stage 6). The knowledge and skills developed are aimed at ensuring a smooth transition from primary to secondary schooling. The framework facilitates the development of courses that are stimulating both for the students and the teachers.

Cambridge Primary Progression Tests are available for Stages 3 – 6 to help schools monitor student progress. The tests do not pass/fail and do not lead to a qualification; instead, they provide a benchmark for schools calibrated against an international cohort. The design of the test is to provide information for teachers, students and parents about the progress and the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and groups.

Besides offering core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science, the students at the primary level in the Asian Intercultural School Bali are initiated into the humanities such as Geography, History, Information Technology, Art, Music and Health & Moral Education as supplementary subjects to give a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of the world around them. The school also follows a sound language policy at the Primary level by introducing French, Mandarin and Indonesian as additional languages.

The school follows a class-based teaching system with regular classwork and periodical home tasks for reinforcement. The school follows the homeroom teacher system in Primary 1 to 2 to create a child-friendly environment and excellent stability. Teachers with specialisation in the respective subject areas lead the classes at higher levels, and we believe this will ensure continuity and better vertical structuring of the curriculum.

Schedule of Examinations:

  • May 2022 Series
  • October 2021 Series

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