I enjoyed celebrating special days in school, especially Halloween and Christmas because there are a lot of fun activities available for everyone to participate in. I will miss studying here because I won't be able to study here anymore because I will be moving. I hope everyone will have a good time in AISB and I hope my schoolmates wont stress too much about schoolwork and have fun instead. Thank you!

Allegra Batch 2022

I liked going to an actual school after 2 years of doing online. I'm going to miss all of my teachers there because they were all so professional and super kind to everyone.

Mason Batch 2022

Thank you for helping me through 3 years of school. Thank you for taking your time to teach us and help us when we are having hard times. Thank you for helping me gain more confidence throughout the years. You have motivated and inspired me to do my best every day. I want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for making me more confident and responsible.

Anjelly Batch 2022

I’m going to miss my time spent here with both great friends and teachers.

Robbie Year 10 Batch 2017

I achieved so much in Grade 10.

Lita Year 10 Batch 2017

I was happy to be in this school.

Jenny Year 10 Batch 2017

I’m really going to miss everyone I met at this school including my friends and teachers.

Lulu Primary 6 Batch 2017

I had a great time in this school with all my friends and teachers.

Maddy Primary 6 Batch 2017

I felt happy for one year and a half in school.

William Primary 6 Batch 2017