Besides offering international qualifications such as IGCSE and A Levles, the Asian International School offers its students the AISB Diploma, based on their performance in the Examinations conducted by the Board of Examiners of Asian International School, Bali.

AISB Certificate Programme is meant for students of grade 10 who, alongside their IGCSE programme undergo the coursework and at the end of year 10 they sit for the AISB Certificate Examination. A candidate is expected to attempt at least 8 subjects and should have obtained the minimum pass mark in all these subjects in order to be considered for the certification.

The subjects offered by the school are as follows :

  • English as a First Language / English as a Second Language / ESL Core
  • French / Mandarin / Bahasa
  • English Literature
  • Physics / Business Studies
  • Biology / Accounting
  • Chemistry / Geography
  • Environmental Management
  • Mathematics
  • Information and Communication Technology