Our parent community consists mainly in expatriates who have chosen to live in Bali. The school maintains close interaction with parents since we believe that the best result can be achieved only if the parents and teachers work collectively in the educational progress of a child. Hence, besides the periodical parent-teacher meetings the school also facilitates parents to meet the teachers concerned to discuss the progress of their children at any time of the year.

The school also invites the parents to take an active role in the work done by the school by its programme of parent volunteering.

Another programme that the school organises is making a talent pool of parents. Many of our parents are highly educated and are experts in certain subject areas. Most of whom are willing to share their knowledge or skills with the children in the form of talks, presentations etc. Hence the school encourages the parents to come forward and enrol themselves in the talent pool programme.

Parents and Teachers Association (PTA)

Working together to advise, suggest, support, through building networks to make the school (and) community better via open communication.