The school has an international community of teachers consisting of a select team from Europe, Asia, America, Canada and Australia. The school makes sure that its teachers are qualified, possess relevant experience in the appropriate subject area and have a passion for teaching. The school also facilitates professional improvement programmes by providing teachers opportunities to attend training programmes organised by various educational agencies, particularly the Cambridge International Examinations.

Faculty Members :

  • Mr. Jeetendra Kumar – India
  • Ms. Diana Jamil – Singapore
  • Ms. Rowena – Philippines
  • Ms. Lucia Dewi – Indonesia
  • Mr. Ravi Shankar – Singapore
  • Mr. Afi – Indonesia
  • Ms. Laurie Olor – Philippines
  • Ms. Juliane Kollmann – Italy
  • Cyril Peters – France
  • Arven Dexter Suratos – Philippines
  • Jan Heidi Abrigo – Philippines
  • Amélie Roy – Canada
  • Tiffani Arigunawan – USA