The school functions as a community and it is expected of each member of the community that he/she respect the rights of the others as individuals and should provide space for them to grow in knowledge and attain selfhood. It is to be said that rights entail responsibilities. The following set of rules is based on the fundamental tenet that each individual has a responsibility to respect the other’s rights and is expected to conduct himself/herself with self-discipline and dignity.

General Rules

The school emphasizes a high standard of discipline and also ensures that seriousness is given by the students towards their academic as well as co-curricular pursuits. This calls for co-operation from parents. It requires them honouring the school rules and regulations as well as ensuring that their children/wards also do the same.
Pupils are expected to respect all employees of the school – teachers, parents, the heads of the school and fellow students both inside and outside the school premises.

Pupils must ensure safety, security, cleanliness and harmony in the school.

Disruptive behaviour such as running about, playing, shouting, whistling etc., in the academic block is not allowed.

Pupils are expected to uphold standards of conduct and politeness while visiting public places as well as on the campus. A school is judged by the conduct of the students, on and off the campus. They are expected greet their teachers and elders whenever they meet them.

Appropriate behaviour and courtesy are expected at all times.


Regular attendance is a vital part of education and should be considered a top priority by both pupils and parents. Punctuality and regularity are expected of all pupils.

Pupils are required to go for the Morning Assembly in an orderly manner as soon as the bell rings.

Pupils are not allowed to leave campus during school hours.

It is expected of all pupils to attend school on days of special significance, even if it happens to be a holiday.

School Uniform & Attire

Pupils should always be well groomed and in proper uniform. Hair is to be left in its natural colour. Tattoos and body piercing of any kind are not allowed.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are expected at all times.

Pupils are not allowed to wear any fashion accessories or expensive jewelry. The school authorities have the right to confiscate such items.

School and Personal Property

Pupils must look after their books and other personal belongings. They are advised not to bring large sums of money, jewelry or other costly items to the school. The school will not be held responsible for any article lost by the pupil.

Pupils are forbidden from bringing items such as cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, drugs, audio/video cassettes or recordings, photo albums, magazines, make up or cosmetics.

Pupils must respect all school property. Any damage to the school property should be immediately reported to the staff and will have to be made good.

Pupils are expected to co-operate in keeping the school neat and clean by avoiding any litter. They should use the waste paper baskets and trash cans.

Telephone & Hand-phones

In case a pupil wants to use the school phone, he/she should get the permission from the official in charge of the section.

Hand phones are not permitted in the school premises. Nonetheless, if a pupil has to bring mobile phone to school for any special reason, he/she must have the written permission of the parent/guardian. Moreover, during school hours (7:30 – 14:45), the hand-phones must be switched off and kept in the student’s school bag.
Use of electronic games, digital cameras, radios, music players, MP3 players, audio recorders etc. are strictly prohibited during school hours (7:00 – 15:00). If a student is found violating the rules regarding gadgets, the school will have the authority to confiscate them.

Each pupil has a right to privacy and dignity. Yet, if found necessary, the school authorities will have the right to check their bags, mobile phones etc.


No leave of absence will be granted except with prior written request from the parent or guardian.

No leave will be granted for half or partial day for any reason, except with a letter from parents.

If leave is for more than one day, a medical certificate is to be attached to the leave application. If a test is conducted on that day, the absentee is awarded no credits.

Library Rules

Pupils are expected to make good use of the library according to their timetable.
Books should be examined before borrowing them from the library. Any marks or damage found in the library book should be reported to the librarian.
Pupils may borrow one book at a time for seven days (1 week) only. If a book is not returned within seven days, a penalty fee of Rp.500/day will be imposed.
Lost or damaged resources must be paid for promptly so that a replacement can be bought.

Laboratory Rules

Pupils should take all the precautionary safety measures when doing a practical exercises. Pupils are not allowed to talk, play, eat or drink in the laboratory.
Pupils must ask permission from the respective teachers or laboratory assistants before using any laboratory item.
Silence should be observed during the practical exercises.
Pupils must inform the respective teachers or assistants in case of any accident.
All practical exercises are to be recorded and solved according to the instructions of the teacher in charge.
No laboratory item is allowed to be taken out of the laboratory.
Laboratory equipments are to be handled carefully. In case of any damage, it must be immediately reported to the teacher or assistant and the damage has to be made good by the student.
It is important that the pupils bring their laboratory practical files/manuals/books to the laboratory. Hence it is an imperative that they bring the above to the practical classes.

Rules for the Art & Music Rooms

Footwear and food items are not allowed inside the Art and Music rooms.
Pupils are expected to co-operate with the staff in keeping these rooms clean and tidy.
Students are responsible for the art materials and musical instruments used during the class and must recompense any damage caused by them.
Students are not allowed to touch any artwork displayed in the Art room.
Use of Vehicles
Use of motor vehicles by the students on and around the school campus is restricted. No pupil is allowed to use a motor vehicle to and from the school without obtaining prior written permission from the school authorities.
No pupil may ride as a passenger in a vehicle driven by another pupil without written permission from the school authorities.

Note to the parents

Parents/Guardians are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in creating a conducive learning
environment in the school. They are requested to enforce regularity, and support the discipline norms set by the school and communicate with the school authorities periodically to check the progress of their children/wards. They are also requested to attend all Parent Open Houses. The dates for the Open Houses are provided in the school calendar

Parents should obtain special permission in order to enter the main buildings of the school during the working hours.

If your child/ward is absent from school, a leave application should be sent on the day the student reports back to school.

Please do not leave cars unattended at the drop off area at any time during the school day.

Cars should be parked in the parking lot, if the parents wish to walk the child to the reception.

The school security staff will assist the students during arrival and dismissal time at drop off area.

Children should be dropped off at the portico in front of the entrance block

Parents and drivers must co-operate with the security staff as they are looking into the safety of the students during school hours while on the school campus.

Needless to say no set of rules can encompass all possible circumstances. There will certainly be areas of discipline, which will be enforced by the school authorities as and when required. For any act of serious indiscipline, the school reserves the right to expel the students with or without prior warning.