Application forms can be obtained from the Admissions Office and must be completed and submitted together with other required documents. Before applying, parents should read and understand all the policies and regulations and be willing to abide by them.

Online applicants could fill in the online application form [please see forms] and submit it. On receipt of the application the candidate /or parent will be contacted b the Admission Office and a provisional admission will be offered if the applicant fulfills the requirements satisfactorily. Admission will be regularized only after the candidate appears himself/herself to the Admissions Office.

It is a requirement that the candidates meet the academic director/principal before enrolling. The applicant might be tested and/or interviewed. Following the evaluation, the applicant’s parent/guardian will be notified on the status of the application by the Admissions Office. The application may be accepted, wait listed, marked for re-testing, or rejected. Please note that the interview and testing will be by appointment only.

The applicant’s enrolment and admission is subject to the completion of documents required, the accuracy of the information given and the result of admission test/interview if required. School reserves the right to reject the candidate if he/she fails the test/interview or provides incorrect information.

The performance of the candidate in the admission test and/or interview will be a consideration while determining the class to which the student is to be admitted.

Upon notification of acceptance, parents/guardian will be required to remit payments of the required fees (Registration Fee, Admission Fee, School Fee and other required fees) to ensure a placement in a class.
The Candidate is officially enrolled to the school o­nce all the administrative requirements are fulfilled and confirmation regarding the full payment has been received.

School Fees

All students are obliged to pay the fees on schedule which comprises of the registration fee, admission fee, semester l fee, annual fee and other required fees, as well as the amount required for books & uniform.
The registration Fee is payable one time only for a new student when submitting the completed application form.
The admission fee is payable within 05 days of the confirmation of admission or when submitting the application with documents.

The semester fees should be settled before the semester begins. In case of a delay, a fine will be charged for each day.

The Annual fee must be settled within three months from the beginning of the new academic year.

Students are required to re-enroll when graduating from Kindergarten to grade 1, grade 6 to grade 7 and from grade 9 to 10.

No fees paid to school is refundable or transferable under any circumstances.

Fees structure is subject to change. Semester fee could be revised annually, if found necessary.

The school fees are to be paid in full for the whole year, including the intervening holidays; and no fee exemption is admissible in case a student takes leave for a while.

School Calendar

A school year consists of two terms. The first term is from July to December and the second term from January to June. There will be a vacation for approximately one month at the end of each term.

Every year the school holds special functions to observe events such as Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, World Peace Day, Kartini’s Birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, and Galungan.

Documents required :

  1. Student’s Passport, Kitas/Kmis
  2. Parent’s Passport & Kita/ID (copy)
  3. Birth Certificate (if any)
  4. Report from the Previous School (copy)
  5. Transfer Letter (original)
  6. Health Report (if any)
  7. 3×4 Colour Photo (6 copies)
  8. Family card (Indonesian citizens only)

Kindly forward all enquiries regarding admission to: