Global Perspective

Besides following an international curriculum, the school organises a range of activities such as debates, quiz competitions, video shows, talks and presentations by experts, special celebrations like UN-day as part of an initiation into global issues. This, we hope, will provide them the opportunity to observe and participate in discussions that have international significance.

Multicultural Environment

The school has a multicultural community with children from over 20 countries with varied cultural backgrounds. It provides a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and appreciate them. Each child is given the opportunity to showcase his/her cultural heritage and nourish it.
value-based education

The school believes in the philosophy of learning with responsibility. Hence, along side imparting the skills, the school focuses on instilling values in the children. This, we believe, is essential for a world that is turning out to be more and more individualistic and asocial. We encourage children to imbibe the values of being respectful, disciplined, sharing, caring, empathetic and responsible citizens. Gandhi recalls, ‘an education that does not discriminate between good and bad and to assimilate the one and eschew the other is a misnomer’.

Child Friendly Atmosphere

One of the main areas of focus in the school is to be child-friendly. The academic community of the school is conscious of the particular nature of the needs and challenges each child. Hence the early years are made least burdensome for the children. With this concept in view the school has done away with the conventional evaluation programmes in the early years. The observations of each teacher are given in the progress report at the end of each semester.


The school is in constant contact with the parents and works in close partnership with the parents in supporting the intellectual and emotional growth of the children. Besides the periodical Open Houses, the school encourages the teachers to also to be in constant contact with the parents and to keep them informed of the progress of their students on a periodical basis. We encourage the parents to have personal meetings with the concerned teachers to discuss any matter relating to the academic life of their children.


As the world is turning into a community based on information, it becomes imperative that our children become tech-savvy. Hence the school is aiming at networking the whole campus wi-fi and making a part of the learning programme online. At present the school has broadband connectivity and the students are allowed to do research using the online resources.

Academic Monitoring

The school has an efficient academic monitoring system. This includes a continuous assessment programme consisting of periodical unit tests, class tests, project work, assignments, presentations and record work. Each semester concludes with a semester examination and a 30% weighting is given to the performance in the continuous assessment programme.

Social Commitment

We look at our pupils as future leaders and are therefore conscious of the pitfalls of a leadership that is not sufficiently informed of the realities at the grass root level. The school therefore, encourages children to be in touch with the local community. At the secondary level community service is taken seriously in order that the children grow up with an awareness of the harsh realities around them. Besides this, the school organizes charity programmes to raise funds to help those who are less privileged.